Pilbara - Tiger Eye Pool May 24 - 25 2018
  A late evening look up the creek as the sun sets.
  Travelling east, a return towards Tom Price.

We pass Paulsens Mine.

Gold. Underground.

On our map its shown as abandoned. The buildings are relatively new. Looks like they have a smelter. The lightning conductors caught my attention.

But really, we stopped in a rest area to use the mobile signal from the mine.

  Mt De Courcy looks different from this side in the morning light.
  And Mt Wall didn't even register on the drive eastwards.
  Rather than passing through Paraburdoo to Tom Price on the sealed road we through we'd continue on the Nanaturra - Wittenoom Road to the Tom Price Spur Road (Nameless Valley Road).

In the distance is the southern side of Mt Samson with Mt Nameless off the pic to the right.

  The road was good.

We approached the Ilura Mine and reduced speed as instructed.

It didn't look like other rail crossings so we were a bit more cautious than usual.

  Definitely not like a rail crossing.

Its a road haulway. There's a bit of evidence of trucks crossing our road, but also gates that stop them.

  And just beyond a bridge over a conveyor belt.

Conveyors must be cheaper than trains and haulage for short distances.

  This heap looks oldish with vegetation on the sides.
  We stopped at Tiger Eye Pool after a couple of hundred km for the day.

Its not Tiger Eye, but it is the same as we saw in Weeli Wolli Creek three weeks ago.

  A pleasant campsite. Mt Samson in the background.

The pool is dry.

We have intermittent mobile internet with the pole up. Enough for email and sms, but not for phone.

  The dry pool during our evening constitutional.

Just like Weeli Wolli, which we thought may be Jasper.

We think Tiger Eye is metamorphosed, possibly from this sort of rock. Tiger Eye includes transformed crocidolite (asbestos) fibres.

  We explored the south side of the creek and admired the mountain.

A bit too big for us!

  A rest day after all the excitement of looking at rocks.

We strolled upstream from our campsite.

A ridge of "jasper" across the creek.

  Extending into the creek sides.
  There's a bit of a cliff as our odd rock extends to the surrounding plain.

Upstream, the ridge ends. A change of rock that is reflected in the creek side.

We have no idea what the second rock type is. Which is only a little less idea than the first rock type.

  Walking back along the creek bank we reach the track into the campsite.

Mt Samson again. In a different light.

The weather forecast said a 60% chance of 5-10mm rain. Its been overcast all day. At least a few spots of rain, but nothing serious. Enough sun between and through the clouds to feed the solar. We are hoping it isn't just late as we are camped in a creek bed - its gravel, we are 30m from the exit, and not in the main channel.

The plan is to head north tomorrow, an overnight near Hamersley Gorge, possibly a quick look at Wittenoom, then to Millstream National Park for a few days.

Pilbara - Hamersley Gorge May 26 2018

Willem de Niet Mon, 28 May 18 01:40:38 +1000
Hi guys,
long time since Peter and Margaret wrote us about you guys meeting in south-eastern Europe. We will see them in about two weeksin France, we in a rented camper, them travelling bij rental car or train. We would love to be where you are, our favourite state. Preferrably in the OKA!

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