Daintree National Park May 31 - June 1 2019
  Last night we saw what we thought were bats. Probably because it was dusk and there were lots, all flying in the same direction. South.

Next morning we expected to see them flying north.

However, the procession continued in the same southerly direction as the previous evening.

After many attempts we eventually got a clear enough picture to realise they were moths. We could see their antennae and some colours.

The passing rangers reckoned they are probably North Queensland Day Moths, or Zodiac Moths.

  Clouds, and rain, and very little solar.
  Our heron still enjoys foraging in the waves. Probably well fed.
  We've walked along the beach, southwards, through the bush on an old track, along the road for a km, to the boardwalk. In 40 years a boardwalk has been created and now has to be upgraded. We just happened to pick the wrong day.

Since the completion is May 2019 and today is May 31st we think they missed a project milestone and we are justified in feeling a bit peeved.

Really didn't sound like near the end of project.

  We still get our woodswallows and our cuckoo shrikes mixed up. We think this is an immature black faced cuckoo shrike.

The birds we see are in trees along the edge of the beach. We hear occasional birds deeper in the forest but don't see them.

The rotten coconut disappeared from near our camp after a couple of days.

  Finally saw a crab in a hole. Though the hole looks a tad big for such a little crab. Maybe why its not going deeper ....
  Another out in the open.
  A swift. There were several near the creek where it meets the sea.
  The rainbow bee eaters are shy.
  A fellow camper mentioned an app that said there would be a frigate traversing the coast. We've seen a tanker of some sort, and an empty bulk carrier. Now we see a naval vessel.

We'll have to search for "L02".

  Meanwhile we were searching the tree tops for a white bellied fish eagle we saw briefly yesterday. But happened on a pandanus in fruit. Which explained where the funny shaped segments we've seen on the beach came from.
  "LO2" is about central. The clouds just happened to oblige with nice shapes and light, which were gone an instant later.

To its left is a barge, headed north with what looked like earth moving equipment.

  Another day, another flower. Not even hiding in the bush, part of a large bush at the edge of the beach. We were trying to identify which plant a particular seed came from. It wasn't this one as its in flower.
  Centre of the pic, on the other side of the creek, is a white heron or egret.
  We'll not tire of the dark hills. We've had a couple of days of showers.
  The rain stayed away for this wedding party. In a strange way its probably nice to not have blue skies as they would have cooked.
  A moth, cleverly diguised in the leaf litter. There were a lot more of the migrating moths this morning when there was no breeze. A determined bunch, with purpose.
  We leave tomorrow. A last hello to the beach stone curlew. A sort of "squeak squeak" and some bobbing, as if searching for something. We only ever see one, never two. Though at Cape Domett we think we saw three or four.
  Our campsite. Number 15. Not much solar. With the portable panels out we just kept pace with demand but used about 10% of battery overnight. Unusually for us we ran the engine for an hour. Not bad for 4 nights in dense rain forest with three of them rainy and cloudy.

Disappointed in the fishing. In 1978 two of us fed ourselves with fish every night. I guess having a well equipped truck rather than a car with a couple of small tents creates a different imperative.

Daintree to Archer Point June 2 2019

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