Onkaparinga January 13 - 20 2020
  Onkaparinga is a small national park a little south of Adelaide. A convenient spot to recover from mandolins, do some walking, and wait for Peter and Margaret to finish some business in Adelaide.

Pink Gum campsite. We liked the look of the trees.

  Lots of walking to be done. Parts of the park have been grazed, and some olive growing.
  We walked down the hill into the gorge. And back.

Enough for one day, nothing strenuous.

  Another day, another walk. The cliffs are used by climbers. There's even some steel steps to help them start at the top and walk back from the bottom, or vice verse.
  In the middle of Maclaren Vale wine growing area.

We should have imbibed more.

  A trip into Maclaren Vale for supplies.

Training for the soon to be "Tour de South Australia". Team Bahrain McLaren.

  Then back to the serious business of walking.

We started at the top of the climbing cliffs.

  Rather than take the steps we scrambled down the western end - there's a track.
  And found some climbers at creek level.

Though they weren't really lost.

  The climbers didn't know whether it was possible to follow the Onkaparinga River downstream.

We tried the left bank. Then were successful on the right bank.

  A bit of a scramble, if there was ever a track its long become overgrown.
  Occasional wildlife to keep us occupied.
  Ever more adventurous, another day.

The tracks extend to the north side of the gorge. We are beginning to feel like locals who know where the tracks lead.

Asking someone who'd just walked down from the car park atop the north side what was at the top seemed to be a futile exercise. So we climbed up to see.

  There was a 4wd track north south across the park. We followed that down and headed east, up the river.
  The marked track seemed to not exist. Or maybe it was on the other side .....

We must have found our way home - or I wouldn't be writing this.

Though I recall we were more than a tad tired.

  Peter and Margaret arrived, so we got to show them some of the walks we had discovered.

And a furry koala.

Rapid Bay and Cobbler Hill January 21 - 25 2020

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