Daly River May 24 - 25 2021
  above the river channel the surrounding bush is a bit sparse of undergrowth.
  But as we leave, a couple of km and the bush gives way to farming, there's some long grass, and some double barred finches.
  Headed further west, to the village of Daly River. The place where the river is tidal, less than 100km to the coast.

This is down a short hill to a plain of grass. Tipperary station.

  Long grass.
  Past the entrance to the Reynolds River track, the shortcut northwards into Litchfield National Park.

Park Rangers did later phone me back. Website says "open late May" but it will be another couple of weeks as track repairs after the rains are completed.

  Also closed is the road to Mt Nancar Wilderness Retreat - camping on the river bank surrounded by conservation area, but above the tidal zone.
  The supermarket and pub look a bit closed. A quick trip into Nauiyu Community to the bigger supermarket for a couple of essentials.
  The northwards, along the river, to Lee and Jenny's, for camping.

Past the largish solar plant.

  Within a km of the campsite is a billabong. An old loop of the river.

All quiet.

  Apart from another pheasant coucal.
  And a mysterious finch size bird. We suspect (or hope) young Gouldian Finches.

But I didn't see adults.

  We have no idea - but there were lots of them.

Mostly in pairs, playing among the trees.

  Looking upstream from above the pontoon opposite the campground.

We tried fishing at the creek, but no success.

Daly River is fishers' paradise.

  Also flycatchers among the grass and low bushes.
Florence Falls - Litchfield National Park May 26 - 27 2021

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