Nuga Nuga National Park June 26 2023
  An inviting entrance.

The Maranoa Regional Council have kindly provided an explanation.

The lake was formed about 160 years ago. Part of the floodplain for the Brown River. The rivers in the Arcadia Valley flow north. We are at the northern part of the lake.

The lake was full from a flooded Brown River when a flash flood in the Moolayember Creek added to the load. The Brown River enters the lake from the south. Moolayember Creek from the north west. Turbulence caused a build up of silt to form a barrier.

In 1865 the lake was about 1km diameter. Now its about 8 x 4 km. Just a bit too much to walk around. Apart from only part of the shore is national park.


  The short descent to the lake.

There aren't any marked campsites. No facilities at all. The parks map shows an area for camping. Campers few, and well spread out.

We've planned on three nights, but have a suspicion we will find an excuse to make it longer.

  We think, though we struggle to know, this is a young Australian Wood Duck. Hordes of them, we are confused because none are tagging along behind parents.

We could well be wrong. But they look fluffy and young.

This is just one of many, hundreds if not thousands. Sometimes groups of 4 or more. Spread all around the lake.

  Perhaps we are still trying to enjoy the mountains and gorges.
  Little pied cormorant.
  We settle in for a long stay. Looking south.
  As the sun goes down the kangaroos emerge.
  A wander along the lake shore, the stilt ignored us, until finally surrendering and flying off.
  Perhaps Astralian Wood Ducks.

Every which way we look appears a different duck.

  We seem to not take advantage of the early morning and evening light, when the colors are so much brighter.

Looking more or less northwards across the western side of the peninsula.

  With a pleasant surprise. We really didn't expect to see magpie geese among the wood ducks.

There are three.

  And the regulation drying of cormorant wings.

Perhaps a greater pied cormorant.

  The kangaroo got to drink some water. Always suspicious and cautious.

The joey missed out. Couldn't quite reach the water.

  The sun set slowly in the west. Lighting up the edge of the sandstone.

The two swans a bonus.

  Still air, calm water, colours of the setting sun.

Simply nice.

Nuga Nuga National Park June 27 2023

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