Nuga Nuga National Park June 27 2023
  Just like clockwork, the sun rose. Highlighting the sides of the valley. And waking us.
  The fun of figuring out our surroundings in another new place. Fortunate we haven't tired of change.
  About a third of a long line of little pied cormorants.


  Not much fishing activity. Perhaps a morning meeting.

They fly off, in ones and twos, in all directions, until the line is no more.

All over in a few minutes. Lucky we were looking in their direction.

  We elect for a walk around the peninsula. Its referred to generally as an island, but I'm feeling pedantic this morning. Its a peninsula, with an isthmus.

Maybe the water is occasionally deeper.

  Two of the three magpie geese.

If we get too close the birds quietly and unhurriedly paddle away.

  There's a lot of whistling. So perhaps this is a whistling kite.

The dead trees useful perches.

  We've lost count of the swans. Not numerous, but more than a few.

Feeding around the remnants of giant water lilies. We are a little late to see lily flowers.

Helped by a white eyed duck. There's probably food aplenty here, we haven't seen any fights.

  The grass is always greener on the other side.

So we move camp. At least 200m for crows. To face west.

The bottle trees behind our new camp a bons.

  Facing west. Our large rear window strategically placed facing the water.
  But its not all water birds. A flock of apostle birds arrives for a quick drink. Then fly off back into the forest.
  All the herons and egrets and we've ever seen walk very carefully, slowly, to not announce their presence, or patiently stand still waiting for passing prey.

This white faced grey heron stood on one leg and stirred the water with the other leg.

Take another pace and repeat.

Difficult to know if more or less successful.

  Another whistling kite. There are different birds of prey, but as always we struggle to differentiate them.
  East side of the isthmus. Vegetation perhaps showing different lake levels. Some of the reeds eaten.

Apart from kangaroos, a hare, and some cattle, we haven't seen many mammals.

  Our new campsite. Much more open, we catch a breeze to cool us.
  Visited by a couple of white ibises (or should that be ibi?).

"just" the two.

  Wood ducks and magpie geese. From our mobile bird hide.
  An evening stroll.

Kangaroos come out to play.

  We've followed the road west through the park. At times following the water's edge. And avoiding disturbing birds around the couple of other campers.
  There's the frequent "cackling" of egrets as they are disturbed, or simply feel like calling out. Easily recognised.

There are so many magpie larks they hardly rate a mention.

  Sunset from the truck.

A calm evening. I climbed onto the truck roof for a "better pic", as one does .....

  Helped by a couple of swans. They seem to only have one speed, a gentle, majestic, glide.
Nuga Nuga National Park - Meeks Lookout June 28 2023

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