Nuga Nuga National Park - All Good Things July 3 - 5 2023
  ...... must come to an end.

We were about to move when the weather forecast became ever more intrusive. Forecast of heavy rain spreading from Northern Territory across Queensland.

Rain means slippery roads, so its just a case of where do we stop and wait for them to dry. And the answer is "here".

In the meantime it had never occurred to us that magpie geese may have the same difficulty walking over stony ground as we do without footwear. They were very cautious.

  When we first arrived there was little wind, the lake at times like a mirror. Good for those sunset pics. Before the rain a wind blew in. Which caused the lake level at our last camp to rise a little. Then the wind died down. The tide went out. And a couple of ducks took advantage of the soft mud at the lake edge.
  Yet another walk westwards. It seems to be our constitutional. Around Mt Warrinilla.

A bit of a surprise finding a live long necked turtle on the cattle track.

Breeding is December to February, which means we are well outside the season. Though they do lay eggs by digging a nest in the soil.

  We thought perhaps something had lifted it out of the water, as a prelude to eating it.

But its track through the muddy lake edge was obvious.

Perhaps they respond to changes in weather.

We can't help noticing a stillness, a heaviness, in the air before the rain. Eerie came to mind. A marked change.

  We've seen a couple of bustards. But never close enough, or we aren't quick enough, for a pic.

Its not for want of looking.

It doesn't help that other campers have seen them.

  Another day. I estimate about 20mm of rain overnight. This track left by a couple of 4wds that exited the park the morning after the rain, while still a few drops and lots of cloud.

We can wait. Though we hope they haven't churned up the road too much.

We are now the only campers in the park. Others left before the rain.

  Another turtle. Either common, or eastern.

It must be the weather.

Perhaps at the right time of year rain softens the ground to allow digging nests.

  Still not tired of bottle trees. We've found more than one channel for Brown River, which all join before Moolayember Creek.

There was not sufficient rain to case the creeks to flow.

  We think a falcon. Brown or black, we can't decide.

Then again, we've been wrong at other times ....

  Round Mt Warrinilla, again.

Perhaps the cattle use the harsh thorny bushes as scratching posts. The leaves begin at about the right height.

This one a walk through double sided scratching post.

Maybe cattle are frustrated topiarists?

And so back to our camp. All the walking of the last week catching up with us. We'll rest. Tomorrow to Lonesome section of Expedition National Park, via Injune for water, fuel, and groceries.

  But wait. There's more.

Sitting watching the lake, as the sun set, I realised there were a few butterflies hanging around.

Closer inspection, there were small purple flowers on plants that I had thought dead. A little taller than the cane grass. The butterflies feeding on nectar.

I hadn't looked closely previously so don't know if the flowers, and butterflies, arrived as a result of the rain or I've just been oblivious.

Probably the latter, possibly the former?

Either way, isn't nature fascinating.

  Then to end as we started or visit to Nuga Nuga .... while wondering whether its prononced "nooga", or "nugga" (as in "ugh"), or even "nougat" .... a final sunset.

With the sun behind us as its behind Mt Wirranilla from our camp. Looking towards Expedition Range.

And for lots of useful info on Lake Nuga Nuga Robert Ashdown has done lots of research and written it up well.

Including a map of the major rivers.

Expedition National Park - Lonesome July 6 - 7 2023

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