Carnarvon National Park - Gorge - Mickey Creek July 10 2023
  I didn't need to be concerned about the campsite. Not a case of worrying (which achieves nothing), more a case of having a contingency plan.

We are in site #2. An end site. There would be room for another truck next to us.

There were also no eyebrows raised about "is it a tent?".

We had neighbours both nights. But a quick walk around the campground showed about a quarter of sites empty. Despite being booked.

We could have fitted into any site.

  Departure on Monday morning. The Rangers arrived for handover from volunteer host and locked the entry gate. Presumably the exit gate locked later in the day.

We are headed to Beilba section of Expedition National Park.

But first a stop at the Rock Hole. A short walk from the car park.

We knew there were platypuses in the creek but really didn't have any expectations of seeing any.

9am is not exactly prime viewing time for predominantly nocturnal platypuses.

But there it was. A pleasant surprise.

It dived each time I raised the camera. So, being a fast learner, I held the camera looking at where I thought the platypus would surface. Then mindlessly pressed the "take a pic" button between steadily zooming in. Hoping the focus would keep up.

  Mickey Creek is parallel to Clematis Ridge. That different, tilted, sandstone, that is below the mudstone layer.

If we were really clever and knowledgeable we would be chipping away at the stones in the creek bed, identifying which came from what layer.

  Similar vegetation to that in the main gorge, but much more sparse. Particularly to our left, the true right of the creek. The soils are much poorer.
  And the rock fractures much more "blocky".
  A bit of a mixture. Some lighter sandstone crept into the otherwise dark rocks.

The "formed track" used to go much deeper into the gorge. We found remnants as we passed the "formed track ends here" sign.

  A quick detour into Warrumbah Creek Gorge. Not far, about 200m.
  Sandstone Park (Caravan Park) sits atop part of Clematis Ridge.

We imagine the layers in the distance.

  And to our left as we drive out we can see different angles, and colours.

With a vague appreciation of how it all evolved.

And simply a sense of awe and enjoyment.

  A quick stop at a "point of interest". Remnants of a wartime C47 (DC3) crash.

This is just the right wing.

Onward to Beilba ..............

Expedition National Park - Beilba July 10 - 13 2023

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